The Power of Visioning

carl.jungThe creation of my Vision Board was a defining moment in my life as I discovered the clarity and vision I had been seeking for a crystal clear direction in my life. I was inspired to become a Certified Vision Board Coach and received my accreditation from The Vision Board Institute. As a Certified Vision Board Coach, I offer my services of facilitating your creation of your Vision Board utilizing my unique process.

Benefits of Creating a Vision Board:

Clarifies your true direction in life and fosters new perspectives.
Shifts you from a negative mindset into a positive and empowered mindset.
Provides you with the awareness of where you are now and in the future.
Discovery of your hidden passions and desires.
Attract even more abundance and infinite possibilities in your life!

Creation of a Vision Board:
Utilizing your creative right-brain allowing for creative flow.
Key elements of defining images, positive affirmations and intentions
that reflect the future that awaits you.
Gain a visual GPS of your life which you will apply to your daily life.

What does creating a Vision Board bring to your life?
Clarity of the direction of your life and acknowledging the gifts of the
present moment in life.
Learning to live with your radar up in life, a more keen sense of awareness of
all you desire.
Attracting abundance into your life, personally, professionally and spiritually
Living with gratitude as you achieve what you truly want in life!

Learn How to Activate Your Vision:
Live in a constant state of gratitude.
Acknowledge your creation and be open to receive the intentions you set for
your best life.
Acknowledge that the law of attraction is working.
Keep your Vision Board in your line of vision always!

Private Session ~ $150.00 (includes 2-hour session, guided visualization, creation of Vision Board, and in-depth narrative analysis and activation)

Small Group Session (5 or more) ~ $75.00
(includes 2 hour session, guided visualization and creation of Vision Board, and in-depth written analysis and activation)


“I just enjoyed a most meaningful visioning coaching session with Nancy Ferrari, and came away with a vision board that is exciting, action-packed, and joyful. Delighted! Thank you, Nancy!”
~ Patti Cotton, January 2015

“Whether you have done a Vision Board in the past or not, I recommend you do one with Nancy. I had never done one before but it sounded like fun. So I entered Nancy’s monthly drawing and I won! What a BLESSING! Nancy is an absolute delight. She uses her graciousness, insight, spot on intuitiveness to guide you through the process.

Nancy’s directions are simple: DON’T THINK! And it works! As she guided me through the process of creating my Vision Board, I started to see how the pictures I selected where telling a story…my story. It was amazing! Even from the way I arranged the pictures, Nancy was able to give me insight that was not only divine but practical.

Immediately after our session I was energized and feeling divinely led. It was only a couple days after creating my Vision Board with Nancy that things starting manifesting in my life. Plans, ideas, desires, all things Nancy and I had talked about. More is manifesting as I type these words!

I’m blessed to have met Nancy and had this experience with her. Vision Boarding is definitely part of my spiritual practice now. Thank you Nancy Ferrari!”

~ Stephanie N. Hanson
September 2014

When looking in the mirror cracks the glass…

Sometimes we need a push. Sometimes we have to fall on our faces to value the picking ourselves up. Sometimes we learn from others. And sometimes… we learn that the answers come from within and that all we need to do is turn off the outside noise. What do you do though, when you finally silence the noise and have a clear voice speaking to you? I tried to tell myself that what it was telling me was up for interpretation. In fact- I am such a good salesperson; I sold myself on the opposite. Whatever it told me, I managed to try and mold it into what I expected it to say, what I expected other s to expect of me. It left me looking in the mirror trying to see who the person in the reflection was; it caused the glass to break because the person in the reflection was a stranger.

I needed something to get me over the hump. A different approach to clarifying or finding a path outside of meditation, energy work, relaxation, pro/con lists etc… when Nancy suggested a vision board- it was like the answer to the silent reverent little prayers I had been sending into the universe…finally…a sign!!! It was not an easy experience at first. I found myself holding on to my previously conformed thought processes to create my vision board. As a result, my gut told me it was wrong. It took an evening of tears (thanks to Audra Mae’s acoustic rendition of “Forever Young” during an episode of Sons of Anarchy no less) to trigger an emotional floodgate. I was tired. Tired of fighting myself. Tired of putting on a happy face. Tired of the façade. I took that vulnerable space and began with the title of that song as the start of my vision board. The rest as they say is history….

Thank you Nancy, for bringing me the alternative solution that I desperately needed. Thank you for helping me reaffirm where I am headed and clarifying the path to get there. Thank you for guiding me through my experience. It came from such a vulnerable place and you made it not so terrifying to look in the mirror.

Audrey, August 12, 2011

Dear Nancy,

I can’t describe to you how excited I am about my Vision Board experience with you. Having heard great things about your class drew me to it, but to be honest I really didn’t think that it would have the effect on me that it did. In my mind, I knew what my goals were and I thought I knew how I would achieve them.

Once I let my mind relax and just follow your instructions, I started to really change. My board ended up being completely different from what I thought it would be and I love looking at it and gaining inspiration from it. It actually makes me smile when I look at it and I feel the energy coming from it.

I highly recommend you and your Vision Board class to everyone. It is a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to continuing to be guided by you!”
Fondly, June Loper

“I had the pleasure of participating in a vision class with Nancy and it helped me to clarify and solidify for me what my passion and purpose. Nancy has a gift to helping you to reach deep inside and bring out the essence of who you are with words and images. I received so much value from the experience, and I am now creating a vision for my business and what I want it to look like, and the type of people I want to attract. Having it clear in my mind’s eye will help me to bring the right people to me, and I thank Nancy for this, as she has helped me on the road to creating a grander vision for myself. Spend some time with Nancy as you will be richly rewarded!”
~ Carol McWilliams



Nancy Ferrari Named Coach of the Month Yorba Linda, California Resident Honored in July, 2011


PRESS RELEASE 7/12/2011:

Orange County Radio Personality “NANCY T in the O.C.” Nancy T. Ferrari is being honored as COACH OF THE MONTH of July, 2011 by an international organization called the VBI (Vision Board Institute). Nancy Ferrari is a resident of Yorba Linda, California.  Nancy is being honored as Coach of the Month because of her outstanding service to the community regionally and nationally through her radio broadcasts and public service work and her coaching contributions.”, explains VBI Founder Joyce Schwarz.

An award winning public speaker and broadcast radio personality, Nancy Ferrari is also a Compass personal development network coach and also coaches on such topics as: “How to Successfully and Effectively Create and Host a Radio Show”.

Ferrari is also an inspirational and motivational speaker focusing on personal development and provides services also as a Certified Vision Board Coach (CVBC).

Nancy Ferrari has a fascinating background that includes combining her college education in communications, her legal career and life experiences. Nancy is the creator and host of her popular radio shows, “Feel Free in the O.C. with Nancy T.”, “Coast-to-Coast Connections”, and “The Heart of the Matter” and now hosts “The Nancy Ferrari Show” on KNOC 1680 AM Radio.

Back in 1972, Nancy Ferrari was crowned Miss North Hollywood and enjoyed her year in the spotlight as she participated in community celebrations, events within the entertainment industry, as well as the opportunity to throw the first pitch at a Dodgers/Giants game at Dodger Stadium on July 30, 1973.

Extremely active in local community organizations and programs, Nancy Ferrari is the area coordinator for The Heart Link Network, Yorba Linda Chapter, a women’s networking organization. She is also a dressmaker (leader) for The Little Black Dress Society, a service organization created to provide awareness and raise funds for women affected by domestic violence.

Nancy’s favorite quote is: “Never give up, for that is just the time the tide will turn”.