“If you are looking for a coach/mentor to guide you to discovering your best self, Nancy Ferrari is perfect. She has created repertoire of programs that not only help you becoming more aware and fully present in your life but also challenges you to take the necessary actions to live the life you desire.

Visioning Boarding, Activating Your Sense-Abilities, and Essentials of Feminine Success have all been programs that have helped me to create the life that is true to my soul. My Akashic Record Reading with Nancy was an absolutely DIVINE session! In one session, I was able to get to the root issue of some challenges I had been experiencing most of my adult life. AMAZING!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my mentoring experience with Nancy. She has a way about her that helps you relax into the discovery process and successfully navigate the tougher places. If you are ready to go deep, feel deeper, and BE your best self, work with Nancy Ferrari!”
~ Stephanie Hanson
Bellevue, NE

“Nancy Ferrari is a brilliant speaker, vision coach, and show host who lights up the world with insight, enthusiasm and genuine guidance.  Her message and her work leads you along a dynamic Heart Path Method and gives ways to discover your true essence.  The results:  A life filled with passion, purpose and real fulfillment!  Give yourself the gift of Nancy Ferrari and her wisdom-filled teachings today!”

Marsh Engle,   www.MarshEngle.com


Are you living the life that you thought you would be? If not, then you MUST meet Nancy Ferrari or have her speak at your next event! Nancy is a powerful speaker and teacher who can show you how to live the life of your dreams with ease and grace. As a Vision Coach, Nancy teaches her clients to create meaningful vision boards that literally come to life—info manifestation! Plus, Nancy walks her talk. As a radio show host, entrepreneur, wife and mother, she is living the life of her dreams and can teach anyone to do the same.
~ Ursula Mentjes, Bestselling Author of Selling with Intention and One Great Goal

Dear Nancy,

“I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed being on your blog radio show on March 28. Not only did I find that your questions were relevant and moved our discussion along smoothly, but to my delight, you were very well prepared and knowable about my memoir-writing business, Telling Your Story, Inc. Further, you made it possible for me to describe my business and the series of business seminars that I will be holding across the country this spring and summer.

Most of all, you were cheerful and pleasant in your questioning and made me feel as if my message was important.”

Thank you, Nancy.

Marjory D. Lyons, Ph. D. Founder and President Telling Your Story, Inc. We write books of life stories www.telling-your-story.com 954-970-9333

“Nancy is an enthusiastic and interactive speaker while providing touching stories and motivating messages. Nancy also created an open-minded feeling which was captivating”.
~ Tamara Boswell-Petrucci

“Nancy is a delightful speaker, as she has a unique way of expanding your vision of yourself at the same time capturing your heart. When you listen to Nancy, her powerful message reaches you on a cellular level to inspire you to take action with confidence and purpose”.
~ Carol McWilliams

“Nancy is a thought-provoking speaker fueling her audience with information and intrigue”.
~ Lucy Yeager

“This email message is to certify that I’m a New York State Licensed Psychologist and Certified Forensic Consultant involved in disseminating educational information to the nation regarding internet safety, cyber security and victimization reduction strategies. I’m writing to offer my recommendation to anyone who would like to contact me regarding Nancy Ferrari and her professional demeanor as a radio talk show host.

Today, 7/11/11, was the 3rd time in 2011 I’ve been fortunate to be a guest on her Internet radio show. As the two previous times before, Ms. Ferrari was engaging, informed and a pleasure to chat with. Ms. Ferrari clearly takes the time preparing for her interviews with guests evidenced by her educated questions and comments. Given I’ve participated in roughly 20-25 guest appearances in 2011, Ms. Ferrari to date is the only host who clearly reads my information thoroughly on helping the community practice internet safety. For anyone interested in contacting me, I can be reached at 845-592-0120 or via email at drnucc@gmail.com.

Although she doesn’t have a nationally syndicated show at present, I’m confident she would be a stellar host for any broadcast company. When preparing for her show, I’m always relaxed knowing Ms. Ferrari will be a stimulating host who projects to her listeners the topic being discussed as relevant and intriguing.”


Dr. Michael Nuccitelli Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C. NYS Licensed Psychologist Ph: 845-592-0120 Cell: 845-337-8895 Email: drnucc@hotmail.com Blog: http://darkpsychology.co/ Facebook: The iPredator


July 13, 2011

“Being on your radio show Feel Freein the O.C. is like spending time with an old friend who knows howto inspire me, comfort me, and remind me what is important. I’m sograteful that I know you, Nancy, and that we’ve had a chance to connect several times. It’s the lucky listener who gets to hear your wisdom and the person who gets to be on your show. I hopeI have that opportunity many times more.”

Betsy Otter Thompson, author of LoveParent, Walking Through Illusion,and The Mirror Theory