Welcome to the loving connection to your soul records where your divine truth and wisdom exist! Imagine receiving access to your Akashic Records, known as your unique Book of Life, that holds your every thought, every action and an infinite well of sacred information about your soul. The Akashic Record is truth and love and is the living record that holds the truth of your soul and its creation story.

Along the path of my spiritual journey, my light grew even brighter within the discovery of my Akashic Records. I knew immediately this was a crystal clear way to connect with my soul and receive answers I had been searching for and knew they were always within me. I am so blessed to have connected with master practitioners and energy healers within a short period of time to move through my story, clear and heal what was just an illusion, and step into MY life. I learned that our soul records are the energetic document of our soul which holds infinite information for us to instantly access and also provide a clearing and healing of any and all illusions that have held us back from living in our truth. After receiving an Akashic Soul Reading by my soul mentor, Alicia Issacs Howes, I signed up for the Soul Journeys Akashic Record Consultant Certification Program which was a life-changing and divine experience.

As a Certified Akashic Records Consultant, it is my privilege to provide you with a sacred connection with your soul’s record keepers to access your information on your behalf that will powerfully align you to your soul’s purpose, activate your divine gifts and talents, elevate you to your divine essence, provide you clear understanding about events in your life, liberate you from any blockages preventing you from being who YOU really are and were meant to be, and gracefully share divine guidance with you about how you can live your most joyous, expansive, abundant life. As a result of your powerful alignment in your Soul Records, your life is instantly transformed.


When you say YES to the illumination of all that you are, I invite you to sign up below and once I have received your payment, I will contact you to set up your 60 minute sacred soul connection session. As you proclaim your willingness to step into living your most soul-aligned life, the Universe will begin to provide awakenings and activations which will enhance your experience!


“My experience on and after my call with you/Nancy has left me feeling serene. I have felt released from doubts which were clouding my judgment and intuition. I’ve often caught myself sighing with relief and joy since our call, relief that all of the dark moments and hard patches of life have a purpose and make sense, joy that I can use all of this past darkness for a higher purpose. I feel as if I have reached a new level of open heartedness that I didn’t think possible. I see much more clearly now. I am ready to dive deeper, to trust and have faith. Not only was it a fantastic experience, but it was also remarkably prophetic as I landed a job within one week of our call in the field highlighted by my record keepers! All thanks to your/her gifts!”
~ Lorely
Montreal, Canada

“What gifts I received throughout my Soul Reading with Nancy Ferrari. I was reminded of how much I had healed and encouraged to revisit several issues for additional healing. It was like receiving a loving “to-do” list with none of the judgment or “shoulds” attached. I just knew I was ready to heal more layers. Honoring and loving myself along with trusting God topped the list. Nancy was able to bring forth several delightful tips to accomplish this that were specific to what most resonates with me. It was an inspiring reading filled with love, encouragement, and humor! I am most grateful for your abilities to bring me what I most needed to hear Nancy Ferrari.”
~ Joanne Almvig
Seattle, Washington

“I just had a lovely Akashic records session with Nancy Ferrari. She is warm, centered, loving and very empathic. She transmitted the love, healing and information in a very clear way. As we closed the session, I felt supported and walked away with a sense of fullness and peace. Thank YOU Nancy!”
~ Vanessa Codorniu
New York, New York

“Energizing and Empowering! Those are two of the many wonderful feelings I felt after an Akashic Soul Reading with Nancy. Her intuition is spot on and I trust her completely to give an authentic, encouraging, and insightful reading. At first, I was cautious in what I was asking but Nancy gentle guided me through getting to the root of my question. In doing so, I felt the soul truth of my Record Keepers coming through Nancy. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it!”
~ Stephanie Hanson
Bellevue, NE