Do We Aspire to Achieve Work/Life Balance or Harmony?

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As I had the honor of interviewing Sharon Lechter, CEO of Pay Your Family First, international speaker, CPA, CGMA, philanthropist, author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, and two bestselling books in cooperation with The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold, Outwitting the Devil and her latest book Think and Grow Rich for Women: Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance , I was truly inspired with the plethora of wisdom and knowledge she shared with me and my audience. One element that had an impact on me was the topic of work/life balance. Sharon’s point of view was anchored in the belief that there is NO work/life balance and trying to achieve that leaves us women feeling nothing but guilty when we can’t attain that sense of balance. She shared quite humorously that the only balance that we can achieve is in yoga, and even that can be challenging.

How do you feel about balance in your life? I’ve intuitively never felt strongly about attaining balance as life is in a continual state of change and I’ve always aspired to live a life in harmony. It’s a far more gentle approach to living my life and allows for us to bend and flex with the flow of whatever comes our way. I recently read this interpretation by Michele Baker and found it fascinating: “Forget work-life balance. The phrase itself contains an opposition. Work and life are the same. They exist in harmony, or they rip us apart. Grocery shopping is as much a part of our day as writing a blog post.” What say you?

Another fascinating aspect within her book is that of “burning desire”. What does that mean to you? According to Sharon Lechter, “A burning desire to be, and to do is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition”. Powerful statement and am in agreement with her point that every great leader, from the dawn of civilization down to the present was a dreamer.

I highly recommend Think and Grow Rich for Women as Sharon Lechter addresses the principles of the original Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and presenting modern inspiration for women from all walks of life!

Embrace the Savvy Woman Within YOU!

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What does “savvy” mean to you?  As a co-author in Claudia Cooley’s book “Savvy Women: Revving UP for Success”, I was immediately drawn to the title and unbeknownst to me, savvy had a different dictionary meaning than I perceived it to be.  Savvy was a word that I used to describe a woman who is confident in her own skin, having an element of mystery about her essence, and having a sense of knowing exactly who she is.   I was pretty close in that the dictionary describes savvy as “knowledgeable, well informed”.    I would have to agree in that it integrates with my perception of confidence and the knowingness of who she is.

This book contains 20 chapters written by dynamic women who share their version of savvy.   These are my Savvy Woman Tips:

Embrace YOU!  There is no one else like you.  Honor the gift of who you are, who you are destined to be in life and embrace each moment.  Stand tall with the knowledge that you are a savvy successful woman!

You are SOMEBODY!  Honor your unique qualities as we all await to experience your brilliance.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise which is only their opinion or a reflection of themselves.  Shine bright!

You MATTER!  If you ever thought that you don’t make a difference in the world or that you don’t matter, think again.

Yes, You CAN!  Step into your greatness.  Take a leap into your courage pool to find many of us who have done so.

Cheers to YOUR essence as a savvy woman ~



Posted by on Apr 16, 2015 in blog | 0 comments you a women who puts on your Super Woman Cape in the morning with the intention to do IT all? There are those who proclaim that they do IT all, and for those who do, I tip my hat to you, but want to bring forth a new point of view in that you can that you can do YOUR all! I am proud to share that I was born within the babyboomer generation which was a time when the majority of women were housewives and men brought home the bacon. As the 1960s and 1970s brought forth major changes within the feminist movement, it was an exciting time for me in the 1970s as we realized that we had even more opportunities than our mothers did. Statistics revealed that more women enrolled in college, more women were active in the workforce, while simultaneously getting married and raising a family. We were not our mother’s generation and I recall a conversation with my Mom who told me that I needed to learn to knit so when my children were grown and gone, I would have “busy hands”. This was not my vision, as I disliked knitting, just as I do now! I have better things to do to keep me busy and when it came time for my last child leaving the nest, it was the “now what?” syndrome that many of us encounter. I knew what I didn’t want, but wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do. That’s when us Alpha women shift into massive action to discover what our calling is, and for me, it was all about finding a way to let my voice be heard and that was the beginning of The Nancy Ferrari Show, which lead to branding my name, creating my services as a life coach and as I continued to evolve, so did my business. It’s all been divine, as I like to say, however, what I want to share is my experience of living in overdrive, meeting everyone’s needs except our own. It’s sad to say that it’s the ultimate form of self-betrayal.

I was inspired to write this article after my connection with Kim Castle on Connecting People, Changing Lives TV Talk Show which I co-host with my dear friend and “co-heart” Caren Glasser. What Kim shared was her triple Alpha Woman stories of her fast-paced career, and was wildly successful within her media work, mentoring, speaking, and a plethora of other business ventures. She experienced what I knew all too well, which is being tired and wired as our adrenals, hormones and thyroid crash. We both agreed that we were either stubborn or felt we had something to prove and plowed through it all until we just couldn’t. This was our awakening and I know many women experience the same or similar issues. The quest for answers became my #1 priority as was for Kim Castle and am happy to share that both of us have recovered from our episodes of being tremendously out of balance. We now watch for signs as we listen to what our bodies are telling us. We were fortunate and blessed to have found both medical doctors and holistic practitioners who diagnosed us properly and within a few months, we were back to experiencing our vitality and energy once again.

I’d like to share some tips that I experienced on my health journey and some tips that I learned from Kim Castle so you can recognize the signs before your body says “stop”!

1. Learn to say no! When we make ourselves available to everything and everyone and say yes when we mean no, that is a recipe for major burnout. You literally feel like you’re on the backburner on a stove and then wonder why your needs aren’t being met nor are you being heard. I actually have said that I am not available for what is being offered to me if it’s not in alignment for my greater good.

2. Be in tune with your body. Your body is an intricate system that works in tandem within the plethora of internal systems, such as muscular, neurological, hormonal, endocrine, and so many more. When one of our systems is over-stressed, then the others go into overdrive, such as what cortisol will do to help balance you but leaves you feeling depleted. This is how you get labeled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as some doctors fail to diagnose you properly. For instance, an accurate reading of your hormone and thyroid levels are attained through a saliva test, not blood work. Thyroid issues are improved when you shift to a clean way of eating and incorporate an exercise program that is enjoyable all of which provides the benefit of stress reduction. As I work with energy healers and have learned to do the same for others, trapped emotions will find a place within your body to mess with you. There’s a great deal of information available on this topic and am always available to share what I’ve learned about the connection of the mind and body. I think we can all relate to hormonal issues which begins in our early teens, or younger, and when they’re out of balance, that’s when a garden-variety of symptoms such as mood swings, depression, insomnia, weight gain, etc. come your way. No wonder we’re tired and wired. Listen to your body before all these symptoms compound themselves. Ask your doctor for a saliva test which will reveal what is going on within you and as I am an advocate for bio-identical hormones, you will feel amazing, such as I have for over 10 years now. All medical professionals agree on one key element … allow yourself to sleep! Sleep deprivation leads to a myriad of problems and when insomnia becomes an issue, that’s a red flag to make an appointment and get your hormones checked. I always know I’m out of balance when I start waking up at 1:00 a.m. and then can’t get back to sleep. Sleep is essential and we were biologically created to rest our mind, body and spirit.

3. Spend time with YOU! That’s right. You read correctly. Time for yourself is what I refer to as self-love. When you honor and love yourself, it will become natural for you to allow yourself to just “be”. We do not have to be always doing something. There again, that’s a recipe for overload, overwhelm and burn out. If something doesn’t get done today, there’s always tomorrow. Treat yourself as if you would treat others. Buy yourself some flowers, drive to the beach and read a good book that soothes your soul, have a massage, practice meditation and stillness, exercise, lock the bathroom door with a “do not disturb sign” and allow your body to relax in a quiet environment. I could go on and on, however, I think you get the idea of what I am suggesting. You are #1 and when you own that place in your life, everything flows so much better.

4. Find Your Creative Expression. I recently spoke with a woman who loves to write but felt that no one would want to read her stories. I encouraged her to create a blogpost and reminded her that no one is like her. Her point of view within her articles are unique to her and that her message will find its way to the precise person who will receive inspiration from what she reads. The same can be said for any form of creative expression that brings you joy. Remember, we were all designed with qualities that are unique to us, and no one else. The world awaits you and what you have to say, create and contribute.

I invite you to watch our show with Kim Castle at I know you will be even more inspired to take action and be proactive with your life. It’s is yours to live and you deserve to be the best that you can be and more!

With peace and joy ~
Nancy Ferrari

Believe in the Power of You!

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BE.OPEN.TO.RECEIVE.HANDS.OPENDo we try to shift and shape ourselves to conform to other’s expectations or demands, or do we reset our mindset inward in order to connect with our core essence to be in alignment with our core beliefs, values and truth? I can relate with all women who are a wife, mom, daughter, employee, and within any one of these proverbial hats, there is the capacity to feel out of balance and powerless. I realized along the journey of my life, that I needed to apply focus to all aspects of mind/body/spirit to achieve balance in my life. Allow me to share a few simple yet powerful tips to help you reconnect with YOU ~

Be Intentional. You have the choice to design your life to live in balance. Mornings are an especially good time to devote to setting intentions for your day and adding gratitudes is a bonus as with gratitude, infinite possibilities await as you set your intention. When you are intentional, you are more empowered with your choices and decisions.

Implement Meditation/Stillness. This is your time to set aside for you to clear the clutter in your mind which allows you to deepen your connection with yourself. Mindfulness meditation is something you can accomplish effectively in only 8 minutes and I offer a great resource within where you can implement this process instantly.

Shift your Mindset. As we are bombarded with information that has the capacity to take us off center, feeling helpless as we see people who are suffering, worrying about the economy, etc., the capacity to become immersed in all the problems in the world creates a feeling of frustration and even depression. Shifting into how you can be in service to others will create a ripple effect that will go on and on to others. As Ghandi said so well … “be the change you want to see in the world”. I share this as an example, which is in alignment with my place in the world as I send love and light and know that it will land exactly where it’s supposed to be received. Be inspired to begin a movement, connect with community and once again, the ripple effect will occur.

Begin Journaling. Even if you aren’t a writer, you have much to share within you and writing is a very powerful tool to release what’s within you. The therapeutic benefits are fabulous as you are releasing energy as you take your pen to paper. I highly recommend writing rather than typing as the outcome is that of releasing what may be lingering within, holding you back with what you’d like to experience in life and see your life with a new point of view. I also recommend writing in a gratitude journal which is wonderful to look back to read how you’ve evolved on your path in life. One more suggestion is an accomplishment journal which I write in every night to remind myself of what I did accomplish versus what I did not. Imagine how much better you will sleep when you feel good about yourself and that you’ve done your very best within a day.

Believe in the Power of YOU! Anchor in the belief that there is no one else like you and make time to remember the unique qualities about you that are a gift to the world. Resist the urge to compare your life to others for we can only assume what they are experiencing in life, and much of what we see is an illusion. When you focus on a higher level of consciousness, you will realize that we are all one, and when we shine our light on others, the light comes back to us.

I encourage you to also set aside time to spend in nature which is where we activate our senses of touch, smell, hear, taste and feel all the beauty that surrounds us.
We need not look too far for our state of bliss, for it can be right in your own backyard!

Cheers to your best life ~
Nancy Ferrari

Revelations of Vulnerability and Visibility

Posted by on Mar 22, 2015 in blog | 0 comments and Visibililty are two words that have not been in my wheelhouse since embarking on my career within media. My upbringing was that we don’t share what brings us down and visibly cover it up. I remember when all those crazy diets were in my midst during middle school and high school and if I were to put on a couple pounds, I was told to wear a loose fitting jacket to cover it up. Good heavens .. no wonder I had a self-image situation going on!

As I’ve grown up, I embrace my sister-friends in life who support and encourage me and I am so grateful as they share how I inspire them which goes both ways. Their vulnerability helped me step into being vulnerable and visible today, March 22nd, when I recorded a video of myself, with dark circles under my eyes, rather pale from being sick with a sinus and ear infection which had become such a chronic pattern that brought me down for the last 4 months. I had to make the difficult decision to take a hiatus from hosting my radio show “The Nancy Ferrari Show” which I have been hosting for 5 years and felt I wanted to share my decision in a visible way on Facebook. Up until today, somehow I managed to keep up with my commitments to my work in media, even when recovering from lip cancer surgery and knee surgery last year but what I learned is that I wasn’t putting myself first. I had been taught to push through, even when exhausted, believed that only the strong survive, all of which might work for some, but for me, I wasn’t in service to my guests and to my audience. The acceptance of “it is what it is” played through my mind and when I allowed my circumstances to be what they are and put my needs at the top of the list, then it was easy to video my message as to why I won’t be hosting my show and sharing the message of self-love. When we love ourselves that much, that’s when the healing begins.

My message today is to be vulnerable with whatever you are experiencing and share it in a visible way, whatever is comfortable for you. Your support system will come your way to encourage you withim your time of transition. We are here for you and for those who may be in a state of crisis, suffering with health issues, financial issues, or whatever has you out of your lane in life, I send you love and light .. you are loved ~

In peace and joy ~ Nancy

The Mindfulness Revolution

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13000000352_400_cacheI’ve always loved the word “mindfulness” as it’s a part of who I am within the context of being mindful of others. However, mindfulness has taken on a new meaning as I’ve evolved into a higher state of consciousness. The definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “the quality of being mindful; the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis; a state of awareness. With that said, my definition was in alignment with the first definition of being mindful.

With our self-growth, comes a deeper state of evolution and connection with our awareness of ourselves. I realized that mindfulness lies within me and as shared within the dictionary’s definition, I have shifted organically into the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened awareness of my thoughts, emotions, and experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.

How can we be more mindful in all areas of our life?

1. Begin with you! In this fast paced world we live in, absorbing constant noise from digital devices, it’s no wonder many of us live in a stressful state of being, unable to sleep well, unable to communicate effectively and challenged when we want to settle into stillness but the voice in our head keeps chattering. Some helpful tips I’ve learned on my journey are to encourage you to make yourself #1 in your life. After all, if you don’t make yourself a priority, live in a state of calm and balance, what comes back to you is more of what you don’t want. Meditation has become a daily practice for me and there are many resources to help you attain a state of stillness which has enormous benefits of clarity of mind, feeling rejuvenated and the ability to maintain calm no matter what comes your way. I highly recommend beginning with a book and audio “8 Minute Meditation” by Victor Davich. You can find it at That’s all you need is 8 minutes … I know you can do that as that’s the time between commercials when watching your favorite show.

2. Honoring the gifts of your environment. How many times to do you find yourself driving to a destination without even knowing how you arrived. That’s what we refer to as auto-pilot. What I’ve learned is that by taking a different route will activate your awareness of your surroundings, whether driving or walking. It’s amazing what I notice when I walk a different path and notice a different tree, a flower bed blooming with nature’s beauty, and also saying hello to new people within your neighborhood, which leads to connection.

3. The power of connection. Mindfulness is the focus of connecting with yourself, who you are and hidden treasures that lie deep within you. Make it a practice to journal, create a vision board, and of course meditation which clears the cobwebs in your mind to allow the opening to the essence of you and your unique gifts. It’s fascinating what comes forth when you incorporate daily practices, as that’s when you’ll also become aware of even more like-minded people who will elevate and uplift you. Many of my friends are those who are in alignment with our mutual values and insights, sharing our points of view and I embrace the gift of a new friendship.

Enjoy the journey, not the destination and should you be called forth to learn more techniques that have helped me attain that state of calm and balance in my life, I invite you to contact me within and we can enjoy a complimentary 30 minute discovery session together!

With peace and joy ~

Connecting People, Changing Lives with Joie Gharrity

Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in blog | 0 comments It is with gratitude that my day started in divine fashion as my co-host Caren Glasser and I welcomed Joie Gharrity to our webcast talk show Connecting People, Changing Lives. Joie Gharrity is the founder of No. 113 Branding, and is a branding strategist, social media influencer and an uber super connector of women in the world. As I was immersed in what Joie was sharing, I wholeheartedly agree that there is always much to learn from others, and when we open ourselves to collaborating with others, that’s when magic happens. Joie shared the importance of being clear as to who you are, what is the song in your life and how you show up for others. Caren Glasser also shared the importance of being visible, allowing ourselves to be seen and have a unique point of view. Joie’s double dip, triple dip and banana split concept are beyond brilliant and value her message that when we spotlight others, the spotlight shines on us as well. The days of competition are over if we want to be successful on a global scale. Collaboratively, we will create a ripple effect of support which is essential not only for us, but on a global scale. To watch the show in its entirety, I invite you to view Connecting People, Changing Lives at

Discover the Gift Within Times of Transition

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As as life coach, one of my specialties is that of navigating through life transitions and share 3 key elements within my work, which are “connect, evolve and discover” which are all very synchronistic with transitions. I strive to be clear with my messages and insights in many forums … with my clients, hosting my radio show, as well as speaking to a live audiences, and what is clear to me is that transitions begin within our initial connection, that being our first breath when we’re born!

Arriving into the world from the comfort of our mother’s womb and then experiencing the birth process, it’s no wonder that we cry as we’re exposed with bright lights, loud voices and naked to the cold air. What a huge transition! What we know of this is what our parents tell us of our birth and that we were completely dependent for love, nourishment and the all-important connection of bonding. Studies show that babies who have not bonded with their mothers have great challenges in life as our infancy is where our innate knowingness of love evolves.
That being said, as we chart our journey in life from infancy into childhood and then early adolescence, we experience a myriad of transitions, but don’t define them in that manner. It’s when we approach our 20’s that the word “transitions” is used as we shift from living at home, some of us go to college, some pursue careers, and then lifestyle choices come into play with relationships and/or marriage. When the decision to start a family begins, we then experience the birth process again, however, from a different vantage point. That’s why it’s said that daughters appreciate their mothers more after giving birth.

As a “babyboomer”, I am blessed to have experienced many chapters of my life, filled with joyful times in my life and are now cherished memories of 36 years of marriage, 3 children and 2 grandchildren. However, none of us are exempt from times of transitions which challenge us. A definitive time in my life was 6 years ago when life set me on a path to discover my true calling, where I learned how to focus inward and evolved into the person I was intended to be from the beginning. The connection to oneself is a fascinating process and when I realized that have never been alone, even during some of my most darkest days, that my connection with God and my Spirit have always been there. The awakening process is divine and within my next writing, I will share some specific techniques to help you manage through your times of transition and experience your true calling. Honor those unique qualities about yourself for there is no one else like you …… you are the gift!

Are You Circling or Spiraling in Life?

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When I first heard of “circling” in life, it was within one of my favorite books “Gratitude and Beyond” by Dr. Allan G. Hunter. He shared with me that when we experience repeated patterns, we are circling, which means to me, we’re going nowhere except round and round. Have you ever been in an airplane and circling over the airport until pilots are cleared to land? How about the people you choose to surround yourself who always agree with you and the drama and the story gets bigger and bigger each time? All of this feels exhausting to most of us, yet we don’t recognize it until we have stepped out of the circle. With that said, why is it that we circle in life when it comes to making decisions or when we are in times of transition? Several words come to mind such as fear, terrified of stepping out of our comfort zone and repeated behaviors. All of these examples bring forth the same outcome … the same thing. No wonder there was a song with the lyrics: “round and round and round we go, where we stop, nobody knows”.

On the flip side, as I share the concept of “spiraling”, I am not referring to a downward spiral such as when life feels like it’s spinning is out of control. Take a moment to draw a spiral on a piece of paper. Notice that the tip of the spiral is not attached to the beginning point where you draw your spiral, which is indicative of infinite possibilities beyond measure! A far more positive and empowering experience will be yours when you shift from circling to spiraling.

As I encourage journaling, this is a quick exercise. Make time to write these two words on a piece of paper and write down your behaviors or patterns that are circling and which are in a spiral. You will see where you’re stuck and also where you’re in resistance. Remember, what you resist, persists. It will become very clear where you can apply some shifts to truly live in an empowered state and that all things are possible!

Welcome 2015!

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Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year to all and as one of my intentions for this new year is be more active with writing blogs, here I am to share some of my perspectives as I welcomed 2015. A phrase that came to mind was “out with the old and in with the new”. Do we really believe that last year is “old” and should be referred to as if we’re sweeping it out of our lives? It’s up to interpretation, as most everything is about our individual perspective, however, I have been hearing people say that they’re so happy last year is over and that this year will be better. It seems like yesterday when I heard people say they were in gratitude for 2014 as 2013 was so awful for them.

What I choose to reflect on are the lessons learned from each and every minute, day and year of my life and also embrace what I accomplished, rather than what I didn’t. It allows my mindset to allow even more possibilities of unlimited opportunities to come into my life which is a far more empowered feeling for me. I also acknowledge that we are in a constant state of change, from second to second, such as touching water in a river … you can’t touch the same spot twice. Embrace the change, such as the ability to feel pebbles flowing through a river, and then perhaps a leaf and then there’s that blockage of debris that provides a detour for the water to flow normally. All these analogies are significant as I had a vision for 2014 that was far different than what I expected, which was knee surgery in March. Two-thirds of my year, beginning on January 1st was managing pain, getting the MRI results, painful physical therapy sessions prior to surgery and then surgery itself. Time was spent in physical therapy until August when I graduated, but it continues to be of focus if I walk too fast, exert myself too long with physical work in the home, etc. I’m a work in progress and I emphasize “progress”. I’m in a far better place than I was a year ago and so grateful for the lessons learned, the appreciation of how intricate my body systems are and learning patience. What I know for sure is that when I designed my coaching practice 4 years ago, my trademark words “connect, evolve and discover” apply to everything in life … even the experience I just shared. I had to connect with the pain, evolved through the process to recovery and discovered that I am more in tune with my body, mind and spirit. The experience brought forth amazing people who generously offered their expertise within their holistic practices to help me and will always be grateful for their encouragement.

Once again, I also learned the lessons of being productive within this temporary setback. I reignited my creative flow by writing again, started my memoir, learned how to write in a new style called Divine Dialogue Writing and even started writing poetry. New coaching programs were created during those days of icing my knee and allowing my mind to activate programs to inspire others. I feel renewed, refreshed and revitalized as I honor 2014 and welcome 2015 with all that will come my way!

May 2015 be a memorable year for you and look forward to connecting as well!